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Experts in our Field

The LAROS Group have been working on high-performance, sustainable buildings for over a decade through LAROS Technologies. We provide world class building supplies that are vital in constructing the very best sustainable Passive Houses. LAROS Consulting are experts in building physics and ensure that LAROS Structures’ buildings perform to the highest standards, and provide a healthy living space for their occupants year round. When building with LAROS Structures, you are also building with LAROS Group.

Passivhaus Guarantee

LAROS Structures has set out to provide a new prefabricated solution that brings the high-quality and high-performance of Passivhaus to the prefabrication space. By manufacturing with structural timber panels, including insulation, and wrapping airtight, we can guarantee a Passivhaus standard structure delivered to site weatherproof and ready for lockup

How to get started

Building a house with LAROS Structures is easy, fast and cost-effective. We help step you through each stage of the journey and work closely with you, your architect and your builder to ensure a coordinated approach to construction. Prefabrication is also a great option for Owner-Builders because we deliver the building envelope to lock-up. And because we build your home in factory we can ensure a high level of precision and we are out of the weather so we keep working rain, hail or shine! It also prevents delays from accidents, theft or weather damage that can occur out on site. Once we have completed the install, your home is locked up and weather tight.

The flowchart shows the general process from initial enquiry to installation and fit-out on site. While some of our clients find us early on in their home building journey, some also find us somewhere along the way. It doesn’t matter, the best time to start talking to us is right now.


At the concept stage we”ll need some information from you that allows us to develop a concept design and provide a detailed costing and contract for your review. This is a detailed process involving our ventialtion, windows and structural experts collaborating to give you a firm price so we do charge a small fee for this service to cover our costs. If you go ahead with us, we deduct this cost from the contract price.

Once the contract is executed we’ll get on with the detailed structural, thermal and ventilation design for your home. Prefabrication means we need to know where the services such power and water will penetrate the building envelope and we’ll step you through this using our interior design team or yours.

With the structural design done you can seek building approval commencement through your certifier.

Manufacturing is the business end of the process as we get stuck in to create the building blocks for your home from the best available materials and products. Depending on your particular build this stage can can take 3-6 months.

Delivery involves collecting up the shipping containers holding your home, bringing them to site and then working with your builder to install each panel until you have a secure, weathertight structure. This process usually takes less than a week.

The final stage involves your builder completing the connection of services, cladding, roofing and fitting out the building interior. LAROS may also have some roles in phase to confirm we have delivered on our promise of exceptional  performance.


We understand builders and Owner Builders sometimes have different needs or have their preferred contractors, that’s why we allow for the option to include or exclude certain components of the build. The below list usually costs in the range of $2,000 – $3,500 per sqm of floor area. Where your project falls in this range depends on a number of factors including your site, the complexity of the floorplan, roofline and window schedule as well as external factors such as market costs for transport and other construction services. Contact us to get a more accurate indicative cost that takes these factors into account for your particular situation.

Standard Inclusions

  • Structural Design to meet National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia).
  • Hygrothermal Design to meet international best practice.
  • Engineered timber framing for walls, roof and floor cassettes.
  • 27 mm European Spruce timber wall & ceiling linings.
  • Airtight building envelope using Pro Clima technologies.
  • Knauf Earthwool insulation (R5.0 walls & Floors, R7.0 roof).
  • Pro Clima monolithic TEEE weatherproofing membranes.
  • External battens (vertical).
  • Doepfner triple glazed, timber frame windows & doors imported from Germany. (U¬¬w 0.7-1.0)
  • Neher flyscreens custom-matched to Doepfner windows imported from Germany.
  • Roma mechanical blinds and screens imported from Germany.
  • Stiebel Eltron, SystemAir or LUNOS mechanical energy recovery ventilation system.
  • Rothoblaas connections, fixings and tie-downs.
  • Factory Labour.
  • On-site Installation Advice.
  • Installation Costs (Delivery to site, Labour, Craning etc).
  • 30 year structural warranty.

Standard Exclusions

  • Architectural Design.
  • Foundation Design.
  • Development Approval.
  • Building Approval.
  • Wall/Floor/Ceiling Coverings.
  • Cladding
  • Foundations
  • Services
  • Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Fittings and Fixtures.


Below are our default payment milestones. Every project is different and every financier has slightly different rules about when money is released, so don’t hestitate to get in touch with us if you need to negotiate adjustments to suit you and your finance arrangements.

Contract Execution
Windows Shipped Ex Germany
Completion of Detailed Design
Completion of Manufacture
Completion of Install