Builders Information

Building out on site can be challenging but throw in the potential for insulation soaked from rain or trying to handle large sheets of building wrap in the wind and you start to wonder – is there an easier way?

High performance building requires a high level of precision in framing, internal airtightness wrapping, insulating and external weatherproofing details. Manufacturing these elements as a single unit in a factory makes achieving precision a breeze. Plus LAROS Structures pre-fits all the airtightness treatments for penetrations through the envelope. So with our product there’s no chasing trades around to make sure they’re not cutting through the wrap that has been painstakingly fitted off.

We have put a great deal of effort into refining the design and undertaking prototyping trials to come up with panel connections that are fast, easy and airtight to install on site. Knapp connectors mean our wall panels litterally clip together. High quality Rothoblaas fasteners and brackets are pre-fitted so fixing is as simple as driving in the screw that last little bit. Come and have a look at our showroom and factory to see some of the innovative ways that we are making building easier. And don’t forget to ask us about our trade pricing!

Structural Design

All LAROS Structures products come with a certified structural design. We have an in-house structural engineer who is passionate about finding solutions to complex problems and designing for ease of installation. We can build on pier footings or slab on ground and in any wind or bushfire environment.


Once the foundations are in place, we’re ready to start the install which usually takes less than 1 week. A very small house or cottage can be at lock-up in a day or an average size house in a few days with a day or two afterwards to complete the final airtightness treatments. We’ll bring the panels to site in 40ft shipping containers ready to crane into place. We rely on builders to provide scaffolding and tarps in case of rain but otherwise the installation can be as hands-off for you as you’d like. If you’d like to run the install with your labour then we can provide training and advice so you’re familiar with the system. You have the option to hire the crane or to have us include that within our scope.